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Sinking Vietnam Oud Wood

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Sinking Vietnam

Vietnam is without doubt esteemed in oud tradition. This small but famous region provided the bulk of Japanese oud imports historically - a country that is at the pinnacle of this tradition. And today it is the rave throughout all of Taiwan and China. Unsurprisingly you'll find the high end stocks are extraordinarily rare and collected carefully by enthusiasts of Vietnam Oud. Seldom do we see oils and great wood from here today.

When you consider our penchant for quality oud only, the odds of a good batch are exceedingly low. Yet, with this batch we've found something that is quite special. Picture a foresty green and sweet aroma at a low heat, now as the heat increases you'll find notes of Manuka, tea and fruits. Go further in and you'll find notes of leather, spices and that quintessential distinct flavour of Vietnam Oud, indescribable and something that will light your face with nothing but delight.

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