Sinking Leyte Oud Wood
Sinking Leyte Oud Wood

Sinking Leyte Oud Wood

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As we all know the quality and availability of our favourite regions has changed enormously over the course of our tenures on the forum.
Leyte was a region that was enormously popular during 16-19, everyone sold it and everyone bought it. Huge thick sinking pieces, packed with resin and awesome aromas. How we took it for granted!

Now sourcing high end wood is usually not difficult for myself, I've acquired numerous batches of Leyte, yet none of the contemporary batches have captured that vintage aroma and quality from a few years ago.

My vintage batch bought from a friend was an older batch, which contained exactly what I wanted to share with everybody! However, since then I've come across almost nothing of the same calibre, that is until now. Pictured here is a new batch of Sinking Leyte wood, when I first seen it, I had to jump on it. Regardless of price.

It absolutely reminded me of the old Leyte batches, the resin, the thickness, the grading. It simply had it all, and I couldn't wait to get it over to I was opening the package all I could smell was the scent of the woods permeating through the plastic, an incense and wood like smell - those who know, know.

Heating this wood was a different experience altogether, being a vendor I go through countless batches of each region, to come across a wood or an oil that puts a smile on your face at first sniff is something you which simply don't forget. This is that batch for me, it contains the memories from my early oud days, that whiff of chocolate, caramel, berries, vanilla and oud!