Old Sinking Leyte Oudh Wood

Old Sinking Leyte Oudh Wood

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Old Sinking Leyte Oudh Wood

Leyte oudh is the hottest property on the oudh market today. Ever since the resurgence of Filipino oudh, Leyte has been the most desired region of them all without doubt. And why not?

Where else does one find such an abundance of high quality oudh - most of it sinking - with such a wonderful and consistent aroma.

Today's batches cannot match the quality and aroma for the most part when compared with the batches of yesteryear. The old batches simply trump the current day ones.

Take this batch for example: harvested in 2019, sourced from a private collector in the U.A.E and an especially remarkable example for what Leyte oudh can be.

We've split this batch into Sinking and Non Sinking, however, both are the same batch and equal in aroma and qualities. The scent profile opens up with florals, earthiness and a green foresty aroma. Beneath this lies a deep oudh rich incense like base. To sum this profile up with one word - regal. 

A true collector's grade batch with a price to match, a batch limited in quantity and an exemplary reminder of the Leyte oudh of the past! 


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