Encens Merauke - Oud Oil

Encens Merauke - Oud Oil

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Encens Merauke

Most oils distilled today are undoubtedly nothing like the oils of yesteryear. How often is is that you come across an oud oil that smells like a perfume, an oil that you could wear everyday and at any time of year. 

When I first received this I was simply blown away by the aroma coming from the flacon as I loosened and lifted off the cap. A green and white smoke aroma rises elegantly through the neck oof the pyrex.

Over the years as a vendor and avid collector of oud oils, no oil has quite taken my liking as much as this. 

This smooth perfume like oud infused aroma combined with the versatility of this oil makes it an everyday wear for me, never before have I possessed an oil suited so well for everyday use. 

Now what does it smell I hear you ask? Picture an oil opening with notes of Indonesian incense & white smoke, as if one were gently heating chips of oud. Intertwined with these notes are elegant top notes of liquor, tobacco and leather - bringing the dark and mysterious character of this oil to life. Beneath this in the middle and base of the pyramid are notes of berries, dark fruits, honey and tea.. 

What ties this altogether is a base composed of mint like green & forests notes, infused with the ever so familiar notes of a dark and sweet Indonesian oud. Undoubtedly this is a special oil, the kind that does not come around very often, limited by the availability of wood and ambition of vendors. Yet I hope that everyone who experiences this special oil, has that same glee and amazement that I also had for the first time when I was honoured with this batch. 

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