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Collection: مجموعة زينيث

Collection: مجموعة زينيث

The Origin Story

Our most exclusive and highest grade oils. These oils are specifically curated to be the among the most exquisite and special oils known. While our oudh oils are already premium and outliers in quality when compared to the masses, these oils meet even stricter criteria.

Our criteria for the zenith collection are rarity, scent and story. 

Each of these oils have their own story, a master behind their distillation and legend of how they came to be. Like with wine, when you buy a vintage oud oil you are buying the entire story: where it came from, what material was used, who made it and how was it cooked?

The rarity is paramount to curating an exclusive collection such as this, mass produced oils are a complete no-no for us. We believe in owning oils that are inaccessible and unrepeatable feats of art. Each oil you see here is extremely limited in quantity with  some even being one of one. A testament to the exclusivity of our oils.

The scent is the most important criteria, it is the backbone of any great oil and what allures us to oud after all. These oils are picked for their scent first and foremost, the scent is the vector that conveys the story and quality to our senses. It is what allows us to bask in the calming aroma of oud and enjoy great pleasure from our precious oils. 

To us these oils represent the pinnacle of oud oils, these are truly works of art & examples of some of the greatest distillations from across history.