Our Story and Vision

Many years ago our founder was frusrated with lack of integrity and quality of oud available, with that began a journey of sourcing the finest oud, incense and perfumes world wide.

For us fragrance is not merely a scent, but rather something which transcends the material realm. Our scents join us in our journey throughout life, creating fragrant memories and allowing us to bask in their unique and mesmerising aromas with our loved ones.

Each and every one of our products has a story, a purpose and an origin; like each and everyone of us. Our fragrance reflects us a person, our tastes and our journey. They define their wearer and embed into their environment.

Whether you are beginning this journey or an avid connoisseur, we look forward to joining you in your journey with our products and sharing this special tradition of ours.


Hamza is such a reliable source for the finest quality agarwood chips
and oils. I return to his shop at least a couple times a year for more
and am never disappointed. The last chips I bought were the sinking
Leyte. On the warmer they had a heavenly scent for days. It takes years
to find excellent honest sources. Well here you go ~

Jess Pompei
Hawaii, USA

I love the Attar Store they carry excellent wood and oils, fast shipping and great customer service all for a reasonable price.

New Jersey, USA

I thank my brother Hamza for frankness and honesty in selling and his products are devoid of fraud and distinguished from the rest.

Fahad Al Raisi
Muscat, Oman

The first time I dealt with this store, but I am thinking of returning,
as I experienced some kind of affectionate emotions. The product is of high quality as described. The smell of the sea is intoxicating. I wish this seller every success!

Author's name
St Petersburg, RUssia

Excellent range of curated products at reasonable prices with minimal hype and great service. Recommended!

James richardson
England, Uk



What is oud oil?

Oudh is the resinous material from the agarwood tree, produced after it has been infected for several years or even decades. It is the rarest perfume oil on the planet, having been treasured for millennia as a prized and precious scent. 

Oudh oils are extremely complex and expensive essential oils. Fetching thousands of dollars by the kilogram. It is rare for oil yields to be beyond 1.5%. It takes several kilograms of wood to yield only millilitres  of oil. The yield and quality of the oil depends upon the quality of the wood used and the skill of the distiller crafting the oil by hydro distillation.

Oudh oil is swiped onto ones skin from the applicator stick inside a bottle, and applied to the pulse points and clothing. This is to allow for projection and for the scent to develop and release its scent profile throughout the day.

Oudh oil can also be blended with other essential oils creating an attar or mukhallat, offering its strengths and creating a unique fragrance when mixed in tandem by an experienced perfumer. Perfumes and blends crafted from Oudh can be very expensive and have become increasingly common in the western market over the last few years since being introduced.

What is oud wood?

Oudh is the resinous material from the agarwood tree, produced after it has been infected for several years or even decades. It is the rarest perfume oil on the planet, having been treasured for millennia as a prized and precious scent. 

Oudh is one of the most expensive substances known to man and has been revered for thousands of years in various cultures and different religions.

The most expensive wood is found in wild trees untouched for decades or even centuries in rare cases, followed by organic trees grown by man but not interfered with, and lastly by cultivated trees grown on large plantations and injected with chemicals in order to produce the resinous oudh faster.

Oudh Wood is the true original form of Oudh long before oils & perfumes, it is traditionally burned on a coal or electric heater in order to release its precious and luxurious aroma that has been treasured for millennia. Each culture has its own way of using Oudh, whether it be burning chunks of raw wood, incense sticks or chips through the kodo style.

What is ambergris?

Ambergris is an especially rare and unique rock-like perfumery ingredient. 

Composed of squid beaks and other matter, it is thought to take years to form before being expelled and slowly ageing as it spends decades, even centuries in the vast openness of the earth's oceans.

The best ambergris is usually white, at least in terms of rarity, demand and price.

Thereafter follows brown (a lesser aged version) and finally black (the rawest and freshest version).

The best is very subjective and dependent upon the needs and vision of the perfumer. For a more animalic and funky scent, the perfumer may opt for brown or black ambergris, so as to bring the scent through in the final perfume.

White is often used both for its unique scent as well as its fixative properties - that is making a scent last longer on the skin.

The scent of white can be described as oceanic, sweet and slightly animal, of course varying batch to batch.

What is sandalwood?

Sandalwood grows throughout the world and is derived from trees from the Santalum genus.

Sandalwood oil has traditionally been sourced from India for millennia from the Santalum Album species. Today sandalwood is sourced from all throughout the world, from Hawaii to Tonga to India and Sri Lanka and even Indonesia.

Sandalwood in the raw timber form, is used for the manufacture of incense sticks, carvings and even furniture. While the highest quality batches are used for fumigation like oud wood on a coal burner.

Sandalwood oil is unparalleled throughout the Eastern perfumery tradition. It has been used for numerous different purposes such as a carrier oil for other ingredients and even in the traditional Indian Attar industry.

It has also been used to macerate ambergris and other rare ingredients, as well as in candles & your favourite Western designer and niche spray perfumes!

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What shipping options do you offer?

All our orders are sent with tracked delivery with either FedEx express courier or standard tracked delivery via Royal Mail.

Standard delivery rates

Royal Mail Shipping is $15 for international tracked shipping worldwide

Royal Mail Shipping is $10 for domestic special delivery service in the UK only

Express Courier Rates

We use FedEx for international orders by default

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What payment methods can I use?

We accept multiple different payment methods. 

Through Shopify payments we accept various types of credit and debit cards, and in addition to this we accept shopPay, PayPal & Klarna.

For customised orders we offer invoices the traditional way, and invoices via PayPal and Shopify payments.

We offer financing through our partner provider Klarna, offering you an affordable way to break up your purchase.

About Us

Just exactly what is artisanal oud?

So you've seen the word "artisan" in abundance and now you might be wondering what do we mean by artisanal oud?

Artisanal oud refers to a new generation in oud production and evolution in the way we think about, procure and enjoy oud.

Artisans spend years mastering their craft, focusing on the art and their passion for their respective disciplines. Money is not the priority, that would be the antithesis of the artisanal approach to oud.

Artisanal oud, represents a shift from mass produced, diluted and dishonest oud offerings throughout the world. To us it means going back to basics, at ground level, and working with the folk on the ground to recapture the essence of oud tradition.

An artisan needs to have control of every parameter, knowledge of every part of the puzzle and above all, a vision that brings all the moving parts together.

At The Attar Store, we have deep relations with the finest and most legendary of distillers of essential oils, the best perfumers & the veterans and legends of the Eastern oud tradition.

This gives us an unparalleled understanding and insight into each of our products, from origin to conception.

Blog posts

  • The World of Swiss Watches and Oudh

    The World of Swiss Watches and Oudh
    Nowadays special oudhs are often like buying luxury Swiss watches with waiting lists. You must establish a rapport with the collector or distiller, who often have decades of experience and no shortage of clientele waiting patiently to purchase. Usually one must also have a purchase history and an established relationship with the vendor, followed by the act of convincing them to part with their precious gems toward your direction. Simply put, money on its own isn't enough.

    There are many similarities between fine watches and oudh. They are both exquisite items with much heritage and history behind them, whilst avid collectors are keen to consistently bolster their collections and purchase the new releases from their favourite luxury brands. They can both be described as "investments" or assets which do not depreciate such as fine wine or art and other rare collectibles. 

    Just as watches are handed down often from one generation to the next, so too are rare oudh oils. With some oils spanning back generations, having been kept by collectors and merchants on their shelves for decades. Whether it was for investing or simply collecting the finest examples of oudh, this has been integral in preserving the oils of old, and allowing us to have rare and vintage oils in pristine condition today.

    Today these oils go for eye watering amounts of money, figures which their original owners perhaps did not ever imagine they would reach.
    Oudh can be thought of as wine, art or luxury Swiss watches. It is a rare appreciating asset, which retains its value and only increases over time. Many buy oudh as an investment, they like to speculate on its value, others buy it to flaunt their wealth and the last group of users purchase it to use as a pure perfume.

    Here at The Attar Store we hold oils which span across the entire spectrum of oudh, whether its classic oils or modern contemporary oils, we hold it all simply. We source vintage and collectors items for our clientele across the world, while also stocking some of the finest artisanal oudh on our website.

    Whether its for investing, collecting or gifting to others, we do our best to cater the demands of our clients - get in touch with us today to explore the world of oudh!
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